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Korean Dubbing Studio

We do Korean dubbing of foreign films, TV series, documentaries, animations, games, audio dramas and audio books. In Korean dubbing, the translation/subtitles and voice actors who are responsible for the original content planning intention are selected, and the characters responsible for the directing intention are implemented. Dubbing production is a second creation, and it comprehensively completes the voice actors' voice lines suitable for the character, as well as music, effect music, and sound effects.
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Nyx Studio's Korean dubbing consists of high-cost full-time voice actors composed of indie voice actors of various characters as well as voice actors from broadcasting stations who have participated in dubbing foreign films, documentaries, audio dramas and audio books for many years, as well as collaboration between dubbing directors and sound engineers.

정시원_배우인사말_01Artist Name
00:00 / 01:35
01_최수현_내레이션 - 밝고 자연스러운 느낌Artist Name
00:00 / 01:12
01_김정은_여행 내레이션_ 밝은 일반인Artist Name
00:00 / 00:49

Nyx Studio's localization service performs multilingual dubbing with high cost-effectiveness through MOUs with overseas sound studios through business linkage with the overseas business team that imports and exports contents. The most correct multilingual dubbing can be of good quality only through collaboration between experts and dubbing directors in the respective country.